Wingspan - Extension Europe (FR)

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IMPORTANT: The Wingspan basic game is required to play with this extension.
- Game in French
- Player number: 1 - 5
- Duration: 40 - 70 min
- Suggested age: 10
In this first expansion of Wingspan, we expand the reach of the world to include the royal, beautiful and varied birds of Europe. These birds present a variety of new abilities, including a number of birds with rounded end abilities, abilities that increase the interaction between players and birds that benefit from an excess of cards/food. With the new bonus cards, they are designed to be mixed into the original card games (and cards for future extensions).
without-serif outline-width: medium padding-bottom: padding-top: outline-style: none padding-left: margin: outline-color: invert padding-right: 'The European extension also includes an extra tray to store the growing collection of birds (past, present and future), as well as 15 purple eggs, additional food tokens and a colorful new dashboard designed for multiplayer and solo modes.

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