Vault Assault

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Vault Assault (originally announced as Hucking Heist) is a fast-paced "cops and thieves" dice game for 2 to 4 players aged 8 and over that takes 10 to 20 minutes.

Players alternate in turn the roles of cops and thieves; the thieves will try to steal as much money as possible and the cops will try to stop the thieves before they escape.

Using their dice game, the thieves will try to cut the bank alarm and steal the precious diamonds. Then they will continue to steal as much money as possible by tearing up safes and loading their getaway cars. Although they can use hostages to keep the cops at bay for a short time, they will eventually have to collect their loot and escape as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, the cops, using their unique dice, will try to thwart the thieves' plans by cleverly hiding the weak point of the alarm, setting traps and securing diamonds. Then, the cops will roll their dice to finish mosaics signaling the end of each stage of the robbery - from refueling to the doughnut shop, to sending in their cars, to the entourage of the bank, and finally to the arrest of the thieves before they can escape.

After a number of rounds, the game ends and players add up the value of their safes as well as the diamonds they have stolen. The player/team with the most valuable loot wins!

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