Twilight Struggle Version Anglaise

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- Game in French
- Number of players: 2
- Duration: 120 - 180 min
- Suggested age: 13


"Now the trumpet summons us again, not as a call to bear arms, even though we need weapons; not as a call to battle, though we are in trouble - but a call to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle..."
- John F. Kennedy

In 1945, unlikely allies toppled Hitler's war machine, while humanity's most devastating weapons brought the Japanese Empire to its knees in a firestorm. While there were once many great powers, there were only two. The world had only a few months to breathe a collective sigh of relief before a new conflict loomed. Unlike the titanic struggles of previous decades, this conflict would be led not primarily by soldiers and tanks, but by spies and politicians, scientists and intellectuals, artists and traitors. Twilight Struggle is a two-player game that simulates the forty-five-year dance of intrigue, prestige and occasional war rockets between the Soviet Union and the United States. The whole world is the stage on which these two titans fight to make the world safe for their own ideologies and ways of life. The game begins amid the ruins of Europe, as the two new "superpowers" fight to recover the debris of World War II, and ends in 1989, when only the United States remained standing.

Twilight Struggle inherits its fundamental systems from the classics based on the maps "We the people" and "Hannibal: Rome against Carthage". In this tradition, it is a fast and uncomplicated game. The game map is a world map of the time, on which players move units and exert influence to try to win allies and control their superpower. As with other GMT card games, decision-making is a challenge; how best to use your maps and units with limited resources?

Twilight Struggle Event Cards add detail and flavour to the game. They cover a wide range of historical events, from the Arab-Israeli conflicts of 1948 and 1967, vietnam and the American peace movement, the Cuban missile crisis and other incidents that brought the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation. The subsystems capture the prestige-laden space race and nuclear tensions, with the possibility of a nuclear war that would end the game.


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