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- Billingue Game
- Number of players: 4 - 15
- Duration: 45min
- Suggested age: 14

Things... is a festive game where everyone writes an answer to a particular question, like "Things... you should not put in your mouth", and players then try to guess which player wrote which answer.

A reader is chosen. This reader reads aloud a thematic map. The players all write a response, fold the piece of paper and hand it over to the reader, who reads it aloud once, and then a second time. The player to the left of the player must guess who wrote what answer. All this is done from memory, without the need to take notes or reread the answers. If the soothsayer is correct, he continues to guess until it is incorrect, and the player to his left then tries to guess. Players whose answers have been correctly identified are eliminated and cannot make assumptions. The round ends when a player has not been associated with a response.

One point is awarded for each correct answer. 6 points are awarded to the person who managed to avoid detection. The reader's work goes to the left. When everyone has been player once, the game ends. The highest score wins.

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