Set Multilangue

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In SET, each card contains 1 to 3 objects, all objects on a map having the same color, shape and shading, for example, two purple shaded ovals.

The colours, shapes and shades are of three different types: green, purple and red; oval, diamond and scribbles; and solid, shaded and emphasized.

All players compete simultaneously and try to claim card games in a single pass in the game. A set consists of three cards that are all identical or all different in each attribute. For example, if the three cards have the same number of objects, but three different shapes, shades and colors, then these cards are a set; if two of the cards have a common attribute that is not shared by the third, it is not a set.

To play, a person takes the game and presents twelve cards face up. The first person to spot a set retrieves these three cards; If the player is wrong, then that player can only claim a set after another player has done so.

Whoever claims the most games wins!

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