Quoridor Mini Multilingual Version

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- Multilingual game

- Number of players: 2 and 4 players

- Duration: 15 min

- Suggested age: 8


Your goal: to reach the opposite line first. Your problem: the opponent puts up barriers to slow you down! Don't worry, he must give you at least one free passage. But who will have the shortest path? A captivating and really funny game, accessible to all.

The players share the barriers and each one puts his pawn in the center of his starting line. In turn, each moves his pawn from a square, or lays a barrier in order to slow down the opponent. The pawns must bypass the barriers, which create a maze from which to get out very quickly, because the first one who reaches the line opposite his starting line has won!

This version of Quoridor is easy to carry with you.

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