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- Game in French

- Number of players: 3 - 8 players

- Duration: 15 min

- Suggested age: 18


In QdM, everyone chooses a token/pill/heart color, then places their token in front of you and their pill on the first square of the board. The leader picks up the hearts of the other players and takes the "It flies high!" and "It doesn't fly high!" rollers that he hides behind the lid of the box.

He chooses one of the three proposed questions on a map and asks it aloud. From left to right, each of the other players responds. After each answer, the leader secretly drops the player's heart into one of the reels: "It flies high!" or "It doesn't fly high!". At the end of the round, it is the last player to answer, who designates the winning roll.

The leader then lifts the designated scroll in front of everyone ("High" or "Not High!") and all players who have their heart in this roll win the round!

The winners of the round advance their pawn of a square on the game board. In the next round, the leader's left-hand neighbor becomes a leader. The game ends as soon as one or more players have reached the last square of the board and fly far, far away...

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