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- Game in French
- Number of players: 2 - 4
- Duration: 70 - 120 min
- Suggested age: 12


A new era is on the horizon. The future of Noria is ahead of you, and you must guide your flourishing business empire towards prosperity. Discover the flying islands, buy boats and build factories. Invest in prestigious projects and guarantee their success by passing on secret knowledge to politicians. Because even above the clouds, there is still room for improvement...

Noria is the first title of Sophia Wagner, winner of the Spiel des Jahres scholarship in 2015. The young and talented author has created an entirely new steampunk universe specifically for this game, and artists Michael Menzel and Klemens Franz have managed to bring her vision to life. At the center of the game is an innovative mechanism called "wheel building". Each player has an action wheel consisting of three rings, with slots for a number of different action discs. During the game, players try to get new discs and manipulate the wheel rings to optimize their stock selection. In addition, for their investments to bear fruit, they must also knowingly bribe politicians.

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