Never Have I Ever: Expansion Pack Two Version Anglaise

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Game in English.


You can run but you can't hide. An extension of the adult card game Never Have I Ever ... How to play

Ideal for 2 to 12 players, just pick a random card and read aloud the statement "Never Have I Ever...". Then everyone will say "I have" or "No, not me." Those who answered "I have" will have to topple the beans. Sit down and listen!

Examples of questions about Never Have I Ever...

I've never... dropped my phone in the toilet I never... taken more than 10 selfies in one day I never... bought a trial on the Internet "

Make new friends or get to know your friends again

Never wince at the thought of not knowing anyone or being related to strangers at a party. This set of game cards can bring people together, start a fun conversation and let complete strangers get to know each other. There is a sure pleasure with this deck of cards. Be prepared to listen to some sassy little secrets or rsingle with a laugh at a witty story. Whether you want to get to know this attractive stranger or see your friends in a whole new light, you can now do it in a fabulously fun way with this Never Have I Ever card game!

Multipurpose card games for adults

Never think you should be in the middle of a turbulent group at a rally. You can play these mini-games Never Have I Ever... with another person or make it a big game. These adult play cards are perfectly fun ways to break the ice. Ideal for laughing and having fun at college meetings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, sororities, fraternities, on a long road trip and even for 21 years! "

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