Minecraft: Builders - Biomes Multilingual Version

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- Multilingual game
- Number of players: 2 - 4
- Duration: 30 - 60 min
- Suggested age: 10


As in the original digital game Minecraft, in Minecraft: Builders-Biomes, players explore the outside world, build structures and exploit resources, earning points for the connected structures and larger biomes of the forest, desert, mountain or snowy tundra on their game board.

Familiar enemies such as Endermen, Creepers and other monsters also appear throughout the game, and they must be defeated with weapons collected on the board. Defeating monsters earns points and earns extra rewards. Points are awarded as the layers of the resource cube are depleted. As soon as the third layer is exhausted, the adventure ends, and the builder with the most points wins.

In more detail, during a tour, you perform two different actions among the following possibilities:

- Pick up two blocks: At the beginning of the game, you create a 4x4x4 cube of building blocks with 16 woods, 14 sand, 12 stones, 10 obsidian and 12 emeralds placed together at random. When you pick up a block, the top face and at least two other faces must be revealed.

- Moving: Your character starts in the center of a grid of 4 stacks of tiles, each stack containing four tiles. The weapon tiles are placed at the end of each column and row. Move from 0 to 2 spaces between the stacks, then reveal all the adjacent tiles that are face down.

- Build: Get rid of the blocks in your personal reserve so that they match the needs of building a tile next to your character. Place this tile on your personal 3x3 building board.

- Fight a crowd: Choose a crowd next to your character, then reveal three tiles from your pile of weapons, which begins with a stone sword, a wooden sword and three poisoned potatoes. Count the number of hearts revealed; If this sum is at least as large as the number of mafia hearts, you will defeat it. Remove it from the board and place it next to your personal building board. The crowd can give you a score bonus at the end of the game, immediate points or a bonus action at once.

- Collect a weapon: If your character is next to a weapon tile at the edge of the game grid, you can mix it with your stack of weapons.

Points are awarded three times during the game, especially after the last block has been removed from the first, second and third level of the building block cube. On the first lap, you choose one of the four biomes (forest, desert, mountain or snowy tundra) and you mark the point for the largest connected area of this biome on your personal building board. The painting is pre-printed with the spaces of the biome, and as you place buildings on this table, you can modify the biome of a space. In the second round, you choose one of three materials (wood, sand, stone or obsidian) and you mark a point for the largest group of interconnected structures on your personal building board that are made of this material. In the third round, you score points for the largest group of adjoining structures (decoration, dwelling, pet house or bridge) of your choice on your board. After scoring points in the third round, you can count the bonus points of the crowds you have collected.

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