Metal Earth DC Batman VS Superman Batwing

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The Batwing was used by Batman to travel to face Superman, as Superman had previously damaged the Batmobile. After realizing that he and Superman were on the same side, and that both were manipulated by Alexander Luthor, Jr. in battles, Batman went into the Batwing to save Superman's mother of Earth, Martha Kent. Using the Batwing's weapons, Batman pulled the guards out of the warehouse before letting Alfred Pennyworth take control of the Batwing in drone mode. After rescuing Martha, Batman flew to Stryker Island to find Doomsday, whom Superman had fought. Batman tried to get Doomsday to follow him to Gotham and to the Kryptonite spear, shooting the monster. Doomsday in response, followed and shot down the Batwing with its Thermal Blast sending it crashing into a wreck.

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