Magic Maze Hidden Role French version

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IMPORTANT: Magic Maze Base Game is required to play with this extension.


- Game in French
- Number of players: 3 - 8
- Duration: 15 min
- Suggested age: 8

Magic Maze: Hidden Roles presents a new challenge when your group of adventurers tries to grab the right items and get out of the maze. It turns out that one or more of you may not be interested in leaving.

Yes, you have a traitor in your midst, someone who tries to thwart the team from leaving — but if they are called during the game, then someone else can claim his action and take charge, so they will have to be sneaky to keep the clock running and let the team fail. Hidden roles also include challenge cards that players can acquire before or during the game: visit this location, claim this item.

Can you make sure that others help you achieve your hidden goal?

This extension does not work with less than 3 players.

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