Lama French Version

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- Game in French

 - Number of players: 2 - 6 players

- Duration: 20 min

- Suggested age: 8

In LAMA, you want to throw cards out of your hand as fast as possible, but you may not be able to play what you want. So we're going to have to manage risk-taking: should we draw better and hope to keep playing to eliminate the most cards, or should we stop and limit penalties?

Each player starts a round with six cards in hand; The game consists of llamas cards and cards numbered from 1 to 6, with eight copies of each. During a round, the active player can play a card, draw a card or leave the jHad. To play a card, you must play the same number as the top card of the discard or a higher number. If a 6 is on the discard, you can play a 6 or a llama, and if a llama is on top, you can play another llama or a 1. If you quit, you place your remaining cards face down and stop doing any more action in the round.

The round ends when a player empties his hand or all players have left the game. In both cases, players pick up the chips based on the cards in front of them, either in hand or on the table. Each card of different numbers in hand gives you white chips (worth 1 point each) equal to the value of the card while one or more llamas give you a black token (worth 10 points). If you have played all your cards, you can hand over a token (white or black) that you have previously collected to the reserve. You then mix all the cards and start a new round.

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