Kamisado Mulitilangue

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- Multilingual game

- Number of players: 2 players

- Duration: 20 min

- Suggested age: 10

Kamisado is a game of pure skill and strategy without dice, cards or other element of luck - it's just you against your opponent!

The objective at each turn is to be the first to get an octagonal "dragon tower" on the opposite side of the board; the towers move in a straight line, either forward or diagonally forward. The twist is that you have to move the tower of the color corresponding to the space on which the opponent moved during his previous turn. As the game progresses, you'll find that the routes you want to use are blocked by enemy towers - and sometimes yours! If you can't move, your opponent moves again immediately, moving the tower according to the color of the space occupied by the blocked tower. As the game unfolds, your rounds will be promoted "Sumos" and will have the ability to push your opponent's coins backwards, earning you extra rounds.

Situations continue to become more complex and difficult, until a player accumulates the required total of victories and can be declared "Kamisado Grand Master" - until the next game!

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