Horror in Arkham: The Card Game - Extension Back on the Way To Carcosa (ENG)

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IMPORTANT: Horror in Arkham: The Card Game is required for joeur with this extension.
- Game in French
- Number of players: 1 - 2
- Duration: 60 - 120 min
- Suggested age: 14
You thought the last curtain had closed on your relationship with The King in Yellow. When the cursed play arrived in Arkham, it was followed by a series of disappearances, delusions, suicides and madness. Throughout the cycle The Way to Carcosa, which marked the second full campaign for Horror in Arkham: The Game of Cards, your search for answers took you across the sea to the lights of Paris and beyond to Dim Carcosa and before the throne of Hastur himself in eight unique scenarios that tested your conviction, made you doubt your senses and pushed you to the brink of madness. But now the madness returns to Arkham for a performance again...

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