Horror in Arkham: The Card Game - Extension In front of the Dark Throne (ENG)

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IMPORTANT: Horror in Arkham: The Card Game is required for joeur with this extension.
- Game in French
- Number of players: 1 - 2
- Duration: 60 - 120 min
- Suggested age: 14
After your battle to close the tears in reality in In the Claws of Chaos, you have left your city and your world behind, traveling an impossible distance, and yet you are still several miles from the dark throne where your ultimate enemy is restless. As you are pursued by your destiny through the cosmos, you may be forced to play an "empty space", losing the top card of your deck when you place it face down to embody the seemingly infinite space that separates you from the rest of humanity. It is not a place; it cannot be entered or investigated, and the only way to recover your lost card is to fill the empty space with a Cosmos location. These impossible places, ti

res of the new Cosmos deck, have no fixed locations to which they must connect. On the contrary, each Cosmos card has a login instruction to which you must obey to place it. Torn apart from all you know, it can be easy to get to the existential fright, but even if all you can do is delay the inevitable, the battle is not over yet!

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