Ghosts Love Candy Version Anglaise

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- Game in French
- Number of players: 3 - 6
- Duration: 20 - 45 min
- Suggested age: 8

Story: Ghosts love candy - everyone knows it! The cruel side of the coin is that they no longer have the physical body to enjoy the delicious sweets they crave. But at Halloween, the rules aren't the same. Ghosts take advantage of this mystical and sinister night to temporarily possess unsuspecting sweets in order to be able to afford as many as they can get from their invisible hands...

Subject: Use your team of ghosts to own pranks or treats and eat the candy you want. The player whose ghosts earn the most candy points after 8 rounds wins. But be careful! When a player on the "Halloween" team eats too much candy, he gets sick and becomes your burden if you were the one who pushed him to exceed his candy limit.

End of the game: The game is over when there are no more candy to distribute, 8 rounds to 2-4 players and 6 rounds to 5-6.

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