Fantasy French Version

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- Game in French

- Number of players: 2 - 4 players

- Duration: 20 min

- Suggested age: 8


Imagine a small forest filled with fantastic creatures such as farfadets, elves, elves or even gnomes. One day, these peoples decided that they needed a leader. Today is the day. And the chief, it could be you.

Fantasy is a quick and simple little card game, testing your tactical acumen. The goal of the game is to have the greatest people at the end of the game; In this case, the most cards in front of you.

At each turn, a player places a character card in front of him and applies his power. Players exchange and steal cards, pick new ones and protect themselves from attacks from other players. It's up to you to keep your cards for the right time and hide your game. If your people grow too fast, you may well become the target of jealous adversaries!

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