F-117 Nighthawk Pullback Black Aircraft

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The Nighthawk has been used by a number of air forces around the world. The Belkan Air Force used this attacker during the Belkan War, and it was the aircraft of choice for a number of aces.

Erusea used a pair of these bombers to attack ISAF army forces during Operation Sandstorm. The ISAF Air Force also had access to the aircraft during the conflict.

During the circum-Pacific War, the Yuktobanian Air Force made infamous use of the aircraft during its attack on November City to kill Osea's top officials.

During the Emmeria-Estovakia War, the Estovakian Air Force used the Nighthawk as a stealth bomber and attack aircraft during the Battle of Selumna Peaks. The EastOvakian ace Gunther Kleiber, Callsign: Dzhoker, attempted to launch a surprise attack against the Emmerian ground forces. Later, during the Gracemeria cruise missile attack, the Estovakian Air Force deployed a squadron of Nighthawks to destroy the Emmerian's ground positions and weaken their ability to intercept their missiles.

During the Lighthouse War, Erusea deployed several F-117As to try to bomb Stonehenge as the Ossian army tried to repair it.

Night planes were also used during the Aurelian War, notably by the Otus squadron of the Aurélienne Air Force. Leasath also deployed them against the Auntian submarine Naïade, but they were all destroyed by Gryphus One

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