Walnut Wood Chess 12in

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A wonderful choice for the novice chess player. This set includes a 12-inch medium-sized walnut plank with a solid walnut border and 1.25-inch squares. Walnut is a hardwood highly sought after for its rich and dark hues. This set of chess is solid walnut that promises quality and durability. The 32 beautiful wooden chess completes the set. An affordable and quality chessboard! Modern chess was invented in Europe, based on an Arabic game (Shatranj) based on an Indian game (Chaturanga). In the Middle Ages, it spread throughout Europe and became the game we know and love today. Chess is a game of infinite variations and perhaps the most difficult strategy game ever created, it has passed through the centuries and is played all over the world.

- Staunton-style wooden chess pieces are not weighted

- The king measures 2.75 inches with a base of 0.75 inches in diameter

- Walnut plating with solid walnut border

- The board measures 12 x 12 x 2 inches with 1.25-inch squares

- Includes 32 failures with felt funds

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