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Game in English. The Spice Must Flow - DUNE - A game of conquest, diplomacy and betrayal. The Dune board game uses the entire Dune franchise to create a game of politics, intrigue and war on the desert planet of Arrakis. Players take control of six different factions, from the mysterious Bene Gesserit to the sneaky Harkonnen, each with its own mix of special abilities and benefits. Over ten rounds, the factions compete for control of Arrakis and his very important Spice. Dune will be an updated version of Avalon Hill's classic 1979 game Frank Herbert Herbert's Dune, which has been out of print for some time. GF9 clarified some of the rules of the game and made some minor adjustments, while retaining the core of the original game. It will include both basic "quick start" rules and advanced rules, as well as a synopsis of Dune's story.

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