How I Adopted a Wildebeest French Version

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- Game in French

- Number of players: 3 - 8 players

- Duration: 15 min

- Suggested age: 8


How I Adopted a Wildebeest is a new dice game - signed Yves Hirschfeld-Fabien Bleuze - to tell incredible stories, crazy, crispy ... Unforgettable!

An explosive concept, both educational for children and absolutely crazy for adults!

At the heart of the game: 6 colored dice with transition words on each side, such as I have to confess to you / But / Suddenly / On the other hand / I had planned the shot / That's how .

To tell his story, the player/narrator throws the 6 colored dice one after the other, respecting the order from the lightest to the darkest (see photos). After each roll, just invent the rest of the sentence - and more if you want - to move easily into a story rich in twists and turns!

Example of a story with the theme I was abducted by aliens:

"The other day" ... I was walking in the forest. "I add" ... that the light was strangely dark. "Well, you know me" ... I like the'adventure so I continue my walk. "And there, surprise" ... I come across my sister, all blue, who says to me, "I am an alien and this is my message for humanity." "In short!" ... she hands me an envelope and leaves immediately with her spaceship. "Then you're going to laugh!" ... his message was "Sgrr Gre Trrk." She forgot to translate!

In How I Adopted a Wildebeest, each story is actually told on a given theme, among 120 possibilities such as I had a very good evening with a fairy / How I built my immense fortune / My GPS laughs at me / I read the future in mashed potatoes / My cousin speaks an unknown language / I'm going to get married in Las Vegas, class...

Finally, there is the famous, the fearsome BLACK! At any point in a story, another player can use it to intervene, spice up the adventure, ask questions, contradict, approve, titillate...

"It reminds me" ... that I have long been in love with your sister, but now I understand why I wasn't interested her! Did she ever tell you about it?

The narrator responds and resumes his story by integrating (or not) the new elements brought!

To discover the course of a round of play, from the choice of theme with the numbered dice to the subtly irrational gain of the points after each performance, click on the different tabs presenting the rule in the right column!

How I Adopted a Wildebeest is the first game of Editions Le Droit de Perdre in the collection "With the smile", a range that caters to both children and adults, while remaining faithful to the very second degree program of the house catalog: Taggle (also from the duo Hirschfeld-Bleuze), Troquons, Questions de merde, Absurd Enigmas... The wildebeest is a friendly animal from Africa, none of them was injured during the creation of this game. On the contrary, the Mother Superior of the Gnous has totally approved this project of adoption respectful of nature: certified wooden dice, cardboard, zero plastic, manufacturing in Germany.

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