Calico Critters Family Cruise Car

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Family Cruising Car is a five-seater family car. It comes with a stroller so you can go on a trip with your baby! The family cruise car allows you to remove the roof and turn it into a convertible. Swap the right and left handles to suit the mood of the day.

The seat of the included stroller can be attached to the back seat of the car and used as a baby car seat. The remaining part of the stroller can be stored in the trunk.

Included beverages can be stored in the beverage carrier or carried into the hands of children's figurines. A maximum of 5 figurines can be mounted in the car (2 adult figurines in the front, 2 child figurines and 1 baby figurine in the back (sold separately).

Play adventure Tree House or Grocery Market to discover other destinations (sold separately). Family cruise car, stroller and seat, drink x2 (a total of 5 pieces)

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