Bohnanza English version

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- Game in French
- Number of players: 2 - 7
- Duration: 45 min
- Suggested age: 13


Bohnanza is the first game of the Bohnanza family and has been published in several different editions.

In the game, you plant and then collect bean cards in order to win coins. Each player starts with a hand of random bean cards, and each card carries a number corresponding to the number of that type of beans in the game. Unlike most other card games, you can't rearrange the order of the cards in hand, so you have to use them in the order you took them in the game - unless you can exchange them with other players, which is the heart of the game.

In the next round, you must plant the first or two cards in hand in the "fields" in front of you. Each field can contain only one type of bean. If you have to plant some kind of bean that is not in one of your fields, then you have to harvest a field to make room for the newcomer. In general, it's not good! Then you reveal two cards from the deck, and you can then exchange those cards as well as any card in your hand for cards from other players. You can even make promises for the future for the cards you've received now! Once the exchange is over - and all exchanges of a round must involve the active player - you complete your turn by drawing cards from the deck and placing them on the back of your hand.

When you harvest beans, you receive coins based on the number of bean cards in this field and on the "beanometer" for this particular type of bean. Flip 1 to 4 cards from this field to turn them into coins, then place the rest of the cards in the discard pile. When the battery is depleted, mix the discarded, playing again twice in the stack. At the end of the game, everyone can harvest their fields, and then whoever has won the most coins wins.

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