Batman the Savior of Gotham City French Version

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- Game in French

- Number of players: 2 - 8 players

- Duration: 30 - 45 min

- Suggested age: 8


After months of preparation, the Joker has escaped from the blackgate prison and the Akham Asylum 12 of the most wanted super villains who are Batman's worst enemies: Bane, the penguin, the Scarecrow, double-sided, Deathstroke, Mr Freezer, the mystery man, Poison IV, Harley Quinn, ra's al Ghul, man Bat and Killer Croc.Together, they have come up with


Will the Joker and his acolytes succeed in destroying Gotham City and fleeing before Batman and his allies arrest them? Draw lots of one of the Joker's 10 evil projects and then create your own scenarios.

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