Avion MV-22 Osprey Pullback

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The V-22s were in service with the Federal Erusea Air Force during the Continental War. During Operation Autumn Thunder, Erusea's top military leaders attempted to escape using four V-22s. All were shot during the operation. However, a fifth V-22 was supposed to take off and attempt to escape as well, carrying the supreme commander of the Erusean at the time; for some reason, it never took off, and the supreme commander was dead for some reason at the time ISAF discovered the helicopter.

The MV-22 was also present during the Lighthouse War, used by both the Osean Air Defence Force and the restored Erusean Air Force. During a bombing raid of the Erusean on the island of Fort Grays, the MV-22s of Osean were used to temporarily move UN personnel to a safer area. During Operation Lighthouse Keeper, Vincent Harling and Colonel Johnson commandeered an MV-22 from the Erusean Air Force in an attempt to escape the Erusean-controlled international space elevator. The aircraft was shot down during an air battle between UN fighter jets and UCAV Erusean MQ-101, resulting in the deaths of Johnson and Harling.

The Royal Navy of Erusean also used the MV-22 during the same conflict. During Operation Domino, during which the Osean Air Force launched a surprise attack on the navy in Anchorhead, several MV-22s were used to evacuate high-ranking naval officers in the city.

The V-22 eventually received a COFFIN variant, the V-22B.

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