Adventure Game The Dungeon French Version

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- Game in French
- Number of players: 1 - 4
- Duration: 75 min
- Suggested age: 12


Experience an incredible adventure in an ultra-compact format!

Adventure Games is a new series of games that combines the spirit of adventure game books and point and click video games.

In the Adventure Games series, the players' team moves from place to place by reading the paragraphs of the booklet and gradually forming a map using the game's maps. Each open place offers several exits, but also interesting objects. Each object can be used as it is... but also associated with another to create a new tool and thus expand its gaming possibilities! Could it be that this stone and this piece of wood can be combined to form a more useful object to get by?

It will therefore be necessary to show ingenuity, but also imagination, to get out of this gloomy dungeon in which the players were locked.

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