To me the Candy!!! Version Billingue

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- Billingue Game
- Number of players: 2 - 5
- Duration: 10 min
- Suggested age: 8


To me the Candy, the latest game of the Project Friday Project by Friedemann Friese, deals with snacks placed on a table during a game night. To prepare for the game, you have to group all things on the table into five groups. Give each snack a calorie value, after which each player adds a secret value modifier and the game begins. In the next round, take exactly one piece more or less than the previous player or steal someone's unse safeguarded snacks. At the end, players reveal the modifiers and count their score.

To me Candy can be played as a "normal" game without a real snack, but the game comes with five bowls of snacks and carries a universal rule "add snacks as successes to any game", so why not indulge in it?

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