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Yugi's strategy, Gaia the Dragon Champion, has been revamped for the modern era! Classic cards like Gaia the Fierce Knight, Turtle Catapult and many others take on new forms in the service of a new form of Gaia the Dragon Champion who stacks 2600 additional ATKs on himself every time he wins a battle and can spend exactly as much ATK to destroy any card on the ground without fighting!

New Noble Knights are coming out of the pages of history! The "Infernoble Knights" are a fast Synchro Summoning strategy that burns their Equipment spells for immediate gain, then brings them back to the field and challenges the opponent to destroy the monster for which they are equipped. The "Infernoble Knight" monsters are also "Noble Knight" monsters, so you can use existing cards like the Calice Legacy to make your Deck even stronger! Don't forget Infernoble Knight - Renaud and Infernoble Knight - Roland de Toon Chaos - you'll need them if you want to maximize your firepower.

Many powerful spell cards and traps! Launch a new "Forbidden" fast spell that can undo the effects of an entire field of monsters and halve their ATK or a normal spell that allows you to retaliate against the disruptive effects of your opponent's monsters by choosing from the effects of Pot of Greed, Change of Heart or The Forceful Sentry.

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