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In Watergate, one player represents the Nixon administration and tries not to resign before the end of the game while the other player represents the Washington Post and tries to show the links between Nixon and some of his informants. The game also serves as a historical reference for the Watergate scandal, including historical notes on the incident and details on the game cards, which are based on the events of the scandal's history.

Nixon during his five-and-a-half years in power fought five overlapping wars - against the anti-war movement, the media, the Democrats, the American justice system and history itself. From the beginning of his presidency, Nixon sought to undermine anyone he considered an enemy.

Watergate was an intrusion motivated by political reasons and the cover-up of the White House. Nixon rose to fame in front of the media and the world at a Disney World press conference in Florida to declare that he was not a crook.

For more than two years, Nixon had lied to the nation, his closest aides and his own lawyers. Nixon decided to resign, saying the Watergate scandal would prevent him from carrying out his duties.

The indictment against Nixon was dropped following hisIssue. Ford told the Nation that he believed the Nixon family's situation was "an American tragedy in which we all played a part"

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