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Vast: The Mysterious Manor is a new standalone game set in the Vast universe.

The mansion sat in the shady part of the valley abandoned for generations. The spider that has escaped from its abysmal prison is now seeking to regain its terrible glory, while the skeletal guards of this area continue to stir in the darkness.

The paladin came to the mansion, seeking the atonement of the gods, he must destroy the spider.

Return to the world of Vast in a brand new Adventure Vast: The Mysterious Manor.

Vast takes you and your friends on an adventure in a haunted house, built on total asymmetry. There is no happy group of travellers fighting evil. In Vast, you control any part of the story.

Play as the pious Paladin, the murderous skeletons, the impressive spider or the mansion itself. In addition, there is the Enchanter, who came into this world to govern the minds of others. Each role has its own powers, coins and paths to victory ... and there can only be one winner.

As the ultimate asymmetric board game, Vast: The Mysterious Manor offers an unlimited adventure, playable over and over again as you and your friends explore the five different roles in different combinations.

Leder Games will present the entire game with single player modes, numerous character combinations and complete games. For the first time, Vast will come with a plank to contain the tiles that make up the Manor. In addition, Vast: The Mysterious Manor will be compatible with Vast: The Crystal Caverns and Vast: The Fearsome Foes.

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