Unearth (FR)

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- Game in French
- Number of players: 2 - 4
- Duration: 30 - 60 min
- Suggested age: 8
Unearth is a set play for dice and set collection. Designed by Jason Harner and Matthew Ransom, he played in less than an hour with 2-4 players. Each player leads a tribe of Delvers, represented by five dice (3 to six faces, 1 to four faces and 1 to eight faces). Players take turns throwing and placing dice to try to claim ruins.
The elegant basic mechanism of the game is accessible to players of all levels. High throws help players claim ruins, while low throws help players collect stones. This opens up two paths to victory: claiming sets of ruins or using stones to build wonders. Delver cards help you assign your dice throws or dice into play, and the wonders can match abilities that impact the end of the game.

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