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Game in French

GENERAL INFORMATIONS: 1-5 players, 30 minutes, 5 game modes, including competitive and cooperative play.

1. Cooperative team game with game-controlled zombies.

2. Cooperative team play with zombies controlled by a player not part of the team.

3. Free-for-all competitive with game-controlled zombies.

4. Competitive free for all with player-controlled zombies.

5. Solo.2 THEME: Modern-day zombie epidemic at Echo Ridge Shopping Centre. CROCHET: Fast, portable, and tons of replayability. Play as survivors or zombies. More ITEMeeples!

WIN: Survivors must accomplish 3 goals - Zombies must kill all survivors or take control of the mall yard. ALL VUE: In Tiny Epic Zombies, survivors are still on the run, collecting weapons, killing zombies and striving to achieve their goals. Completing 3 goals can win you the game, but if you are too focused on the goals, the Zombies will invade the mall and that will be the end of you.

Depending on the game mode, you play as one of the Survivors or The Zombies.

As a Survivor, your turn will be to travel 3 times. Then, depending on where you're movingz, you can do extra things. For example, if you move into a room with a zombie, you'll have to fight it by rolling the zombie dice. Or if you move into a room adjacent to a zombie, you can spend ammunition to shoot it. Killing a zombie is actually pretty easy... but they just keep coming. Preventing them from invading the entire mall while trying to achieve your goals is hard!

After you've done your three moves, you'll search the room. This is done by revealing the search card you hold. Most of the time, you find something useful, like awesome items that you can then pick up and equip for your ITEMeeples. Sometimes, however, you can find a zombie hidden in the corner. Then get ready. After searching the room, other zombies flock into the mall. Then it's the next player's turn. As simple as that.

Note: If your ammunition and wound tokens meet, you are dead meat! So keep your wounds low and your ammunition high.

If you die, this character will turn into a zombie and you will have to draw a new character to play. If this happens too many times, you lose the game. As a Zombie player, not only will you control unique Zombies with special abilities, you'll control ALL Zombies! With your help, zombies will have a brain in addition to eating brain. Your game will overwhelm players with intelligent placement and movement of Zombies. Smother them with your horde of zombies and prevent them from achieving their goals. If you kill enough players or invade the mall yard, you win.

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