Summit: The Board Game Version Anglaise

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- Game in French.

- Number of players: 1 - 6 players

- Duration: 40 - 180 min

- Suggested age: 14

Summit: The Board Game is a survival game that, thanks to its bilateral game board and variable mechanics, can be played in competition, cooperative or solo.

In a competitive game, players climb and descend the deadly mountain while managing their resources, building their way, overcoming obstacles and trying to survive their competition. Summit uses a unique karma system that allows players to actively help or hinder their opponents - but it also affects the score at the end of the game. For a few extra points, you can share some of your precious food or oxygen, or maybe you can afford to lose some points, so you choose to cut their rope and watch them disappear down the mountain.

In a cooperative or solo game, players must now work together to overcome the mountain and survive the expedition. Summit is such a gruving game that you only need one team member to survive the ascent and descent, so players can sacrifice themselves for the good of the team. The mountain has a "Sherpa Track" and a "Time of Day Track" added, as well as a brand new deck of cards. It is unlikely that everyone will come back from this expedition.

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