Shinobi Assassins

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The Great Daimyo of the Ninja Clans died under mysterious circumstances, just as happened with his predecessor and predecessor of his predecessor, and so on, etc., at time immemorial. In order to take his place and serve the Shogun, the Daimyos of each clan have begun the process of choice, and yes, you are said Daimyos. If you want to become the next great Daimyo, you just have to manage one thing: be the last survivor. During your turn in Shinobi Assasins, you must attack the three rivals to your right, giving each of them a face-down attack card. In doing so, you have to tell each of them what weapon you are attacking them with - but of course, this must NOT be REAL. Remember, we're Ninjas. When receiving the attack face down, the attacked player must mark the type of attack he was told to receive by placing a black cube over the appropriate weapon icon on the back of the card. If a player has already received two identical attacks from other ninjas, whether true or not, you can't repeat the same attack a third time.

When you attack, you can say anything you want and make a frantic or subtle nod to another player, whatever you deem necessary to confuse him as to the attack you really attribute. Remember that deception will be your most powerful weapon. Once you've assigned three of your ninjas to attack your rivals, the next player will do the same.

Once all players have assigned their attacks, each of you will have three face-down attack cards in front of you, courtesy of the loving clans to your left. Each card will have a cube marking the weapon that the attacking ninja is supposed to use. The time has come to use intuition, dodge and denounce.

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