Shards of Infinity Version Anglaise

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- Game in English

- Number of players: 2 - 4 players

- Duration: 30 min

- Suggested age: 10


One hundred years ago, the Infinity engine was destroyed and its shards that distort reality destroyed most of the world. Now it's up to you to gather your strength, defeat your opponents and rebuild the engine of infinity! Are you going to survive?

Shards of Infinity combines an unprecedented level of strategy and customization in a small box. Rather than getting baFor points, players must outlast their opponents and reduce their health to zero, which can be done in several ways. Each player starts the game with a basic deck of cards, and he can acquire new cards from a central display of six cards (as at Ascension) and add these new cards to his game or use them immediately, depending on what they are.

Each character starts with fifty health and zero mastery. At each turn, you can spend a gem (also called money) to earn a mastery point. The more you master, the more powerful your cards become. Thus, even the weakest cards in your starting game become more powerful as the game progresses. If you reach a total of thirty masteries, you can activate your Infinite Shard, which instantly defeats your opponent.

As you acquire new maps, you can use allies and champions to develop your strategy. Mercenary cards can be added to your game as in other deck-building games or they can be played immediately from the center row for their ability; This adds even more drama to each player's turn because a key mercenary reversal can change the outcome of the game!

Will you neutralize your opponents before they can fully master the infinity shard? With careful planning and aggressive play, only one player can emerge victorious!

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