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In 1867, the last feudal Japanese military government, Edo bakufu, restored rule to Emperor Meiji; however, Oniwaban, a group of undercover spies, was still employed by the military government, secretly protecting the Shogun and gathering valuable information. They disguised their appearances and formed their headquarters

near Kyoto's famous street, Hanamikoji. In 1878, with the help of several qualified female agents, Oniwaban assassinated the then Secretary of State, which seriously threatened the Meiji government.

Frustrated by Oniwaban's existence, the Meiji government retaliated by setting up its own intelligence agency. The combination of government funding with the advanced technology of the Western industrial revolution, such as crippling electric weapons, missile defense systems and secret wireless listening devices, has reversed the game trend, severely paralyzing oniwaban.

The struggle lasted several decades until the economic depression that Japan suffered after the First World War in 1927. Instability has increased and Oniwaban has been more active than ever. After months of secret investigation, the key file responsible for all advanced technologies was finally discovered. At the same time, the location of Theiwaban's headquarters was also discovered by the government.

Each party with knowledge of the intelligence possessed by the other has put an end to the conflict, but who will win? Only you can decide...

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