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- Game in French

- Number of players: 2 - 4 players

- Duration: 15min

- Suggested age: 4

Breakfast worms are coming! Twelve hungry chicks spread their beaks wide open in the air. Will the busy parent birds be able to get enough food for each of them?

On the Schmatzspatz, four wooden birds sit on the edges of the circular rotating "board in the box," each with a worm in its beak. In the central area, twelve small hungry birds have their mouths open. A symbolized d determines the area of the plateau where the most hungry chicks are located. The player now decides which of these birds to feed and tries to rotate the board to move one of the adult birds to the right position.

However, the turntable sometimes blocks power, so players should remember these "blocked" positions. When the worm can be successfully fed to the bird, the baby closes its beak. If the players manage to feed all the chicks before running out of worms, they win the game together.

Schmatzspatz includes a competitive version in which each player tries to get rid of his supply of worms first.

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