Runes & Regulations: Nefarious Neighbor Version Anglaise

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Game in English.

The Nefarious Neighbour expansion opens the Game of Rules to 5-8 players and completely changes the dynamic. In this expansion, a black wizard with horrible powers (and intentions) settles in the neighborhood, forcing other players to decide whether to team up or continue to quibble. The evil neighbor steals the creatures from other players and performs dark rituals to turn them into scary beasts. This neighbor plays with his own standalone deck (included in the expansion pack) which includes corrupted creatures, curses and dark runes.

The powers of the evil neighbour are so immense that their corrupted creatures cannot be destroyed, bewitched or stolen; However, the expansion also includes cards to mix in the main deck to help other players retaliate and thwart the neighbor's nasty plans.

One of the most interesting parts of the Nefarious Neighbour expansion is the introduction of player role cards. In addition to Nefarious Neighbour, other players will have the opportunity to take on a new role (in secret). These roles offer you a second condition of victory that no one else knows, giving you the opportunity to surprise your neighbors with an unexpected victory. Since only the role of the evil neighbor is known, every other player around the table must ask what role his opponents could secretly play. These roles include things like Mr. Griffin (who wins if they successfully summon 3 Griffins), the henchman (who wins if the evil neighbor wins and Henchman has no creatures on their lawn), and the human wizard (who wins by successfully rescuing a Stray Dog or Alley Cat).

Runes-Regulations itself is a super fun and interactive game, and we designed it to be fully autonomous. I say this because the game really works without the extension, and we didn't even start working on the extension until the original game was completely finished and tested. On the other hand, adding this extension was a dream, and to have the opportunity to make it happen because of the support given so far to this project is incredibly exciting. The introduction of this extension makes the game so much more blastedthat (and really creates two different games).

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