Pyramid Poker English Version

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- Game in French
- Number of players: 2
- Duration: 10 - 30 min
- Suggested age: 12


Pyramid Poker is a two-player game consisting of 54 rectangular wooden blocks, 52 of which with the standard distribution of card games (2-A in four colors) on one side and two with a pharaoh on one side.

To set up the game, place all the blocks face down and mix them together. Each player then takes fifteen blocks. They take turns looking at one of their blocks and placing it in a two-dimensional pyramid-shaped structure, seeing only their blocks again, then take turns removing a block from the pyramid and placing it in one of the three poker hands they are building. Each poker hand competes with that of the opponent who is building it.

If a player shoots a pharaoh, he shoots three blocks face down that were not initially chosen, eliminates two, then adds the third block to one of his poker hands.

Once all the blocks have been removed, the player who wins two or three of the poker hands wins!

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