Paranormal Detectives Version Anglaise

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Game in English. You open your eyes to discover the most horrible truth of a lifetime... It just ended and you are a ghost, floating in the air! Terrified, you look at your own body. A group of strange individuals gathered around your mortal remains, looking closely at it with sparks of fascination in the eyes. They want to communicate with you to find out how your life ended. You must speak to them and reveal the truth so that the culprit can be tried Paranormal Detectives is a deduction board game. A player plays the role of a ghost. All other players work as paranormal detectives and must find out how the victim died. Using paranormal abilities, they will communicate with the ghost, asking open questions about the details of the crime. The ghost responds in various ghostly ways - by arranging an executioner's knot, playing chosen tarot cards, creating a puzzle of words on a talking board, drawing by holding the hand of a detective and many others!

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