Neon Knights: 2086

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At night we came, descending on the old house like the vultures that we are. They say the mansion is full of valuables and relics. They also have that Lovecraft is crazy, thinking that his writing is more than just fiction. Let's hope that's not true... and why was the front door left unlocked?

All Manor of Evil takes players into the spirit and home of HP Lovecraft. As players steal and steal relics, ancient forces awaken and madness stirs. Beyond the larceny at hand, each player has his own agenda. Some only want to survive the night, while others wish to summon an elder god eager to devour the players ... or the world.

Play as an archaeologist, reporter, demonist or other players as you take the course against the clock and other players to escape the mansion with the most precious relics. Be aware that one or more of the game's players can instead work to awaken a cosmic elder God to devour the world. At the end of the games, at least one of you will be driven crazy by the views he has seen.

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