Wolf Garou French version

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- Game in French
- Number of players: 8 - 18
- Duration: 30 min
- Suggested age: 10


In ''Wild East'', the small hamlet of Thiercelieux has become the prey of the Werewolves.

Villagers must pull themselves together to eradicate this new scourge before they are all devoured...

Who are you

Wolf-Garou or Villager

You secretly receive a character card. It is then up to you to play your part, under the leadership of the playmaker

You are Wolf-Garou your goal every night devour a villager. By day, make you look like an honest citizen

You are Villagers your goal to discover the Werewolves and convince the other players to eliminate them (avoiding being suspected yourself). Your task is delicate!


Fortunately some Villagers have special powers the clairvoyant, the hunter, the sorcerer, the little girl

They'll help you fight werewolves

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