Little Town French Version

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- Game in French

- Number of players: 2 - 4 players

- Duration: 30 - 60min

- Suggested age: 10


There is, far beyond the most remote mountains, a rich and green region still unexplored. This place full of riches is the perfect place to build the city of your dreams. You will have to collect resources and then build a first building, then another, and another... Create a resplendent city!

Little Town is an accessible and clever worker strategy and placement game, intended to be played with family and friends. Simple to take in hand, its depth allows everyone to quickly develop their own style of play.

The game takes place in a valley rich in resources. Each in turn, players place their workers in the most strategic locations to collect adjacent resources, build new buildings or activate the capabilities of buildings already built.

Each decision made immediately impacts the rest of the game for all players. And if the temptation to build is always strong, everyone must make sure to conserve resources to feed his workers. After four rounds, the player with the most victory points (constructions, money raised, goals achieved) will be promoted to great builder. Collect the games! The two-sided playing board and the selection of buildings available for each game allow for a great replayability.

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