Lego Marvel Spiderman Spiderjet vs. Venom Mech

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The action is endless when children play with LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man Spider-Jet vs. Venom Mech (76150). When the monstrous claws of the 4-armed robot reach Spider-Man, Spider-Man Black launches a jet attack on the super villain. Superhero Figure Action - Spider-Man vs Venom! This action-packed set of Venom mechanisms with LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man will offer superhero fans an endless imaginative role-playing game. The children open the robot's cockpit to place the venom figure pilot inside. The mobile arms and legs allow the robot to be versatile in mobility. The Spider-Jet is armed with disc launchers and missiles. With so much activity, this hot build toy is ideal for individual and group games. Spider-Man Cool Action Game Sets Marvel Spider-Man LEGO Construction Toys offer kids an endless universe of imaginary adventures. With collectible vehicles, mechs, buildings, figurines, weapons and gadgets, young superheroes can recreate favorite Marvel movie scenes and invent their own imaginative stories.

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