Le Havre

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- Game in French
- Player number: 1 - 5
- Duration: 30 - 150 min
- Suggested age: 12
In Le Havre, a player's turn consists of two parts: first, distribute the newly supplied goods on the bidding spaces; and then do something. As an action, players can choose to take all goods of the same type into an offer space or use one of the available buildings. Construction actions allow players to improve goods, sell them or use them to build their own ships and ships. Buildings are both an investment opportunity and a source of income, as players must pay an entrance fee to use buildings that do not belong to them. Ships, on the other hand, are mainly used to provide food for workers.
After seven rounds, the round ends: the players' cattle and cereals can multiply during a harvest, and players must feed their workers. After a fixed number of rounds, each player can perform one last action, and then the game ends. Players add the value of their ships and ships to their cash reserves. The player who has amassed the greatest fortune is the winner.

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