King Size (MULTI)

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- Multilingual game

- Number of players: 2 - 69

- Duration: 10 min

- Suggested age: 18


Have you always wanted to be the king or queen of the dick? With King Size, it's now possible to find out who has the biggest! Take the 6 dice and impress your friends with your length. The game takes place on a turn, during which each player rolls dice up to three times.

1- Take the 6 dice and stir them.

2- Roll them once.

3- You can choose to roll one of the dice a second or third time. Note: All the hearts you cast are set aside and cannot be raised.

4- After 3 raises, analyze your results!

If you've rolled at least one pair of balls AND an acorn, determine the length of your dick by adding your dice! If you haven't managed to throw at least one pair of balls AND an acorn, your score is zero - but be sure to show your small but powerful limb. If you throw five hearts, you've become soft. It's okay, it happens to everyone. Take the 6 dice and take another turn! If you cast 6 hearts, you have found true love! The game ends immediately and you are declared the winner! After a turn, if no one has found true love, the player with the biggest cock is the winner! If there is a tie, play another game;)

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