Elf Happy Panda

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Lutin, the softback for awakening the senses when my parents handed me the leprechaun cuddly for the first time, they stirred it slightly. I immediately heard a little tinkle that made me smile. To hear this little noise, I grabbed my leprechaun cuddly by his cap, I made him move, and the sound of the bell was still there! every day, I reproduce this movement and I look for where it may well come from. Easily catches my leprechaun cuddly by his arms, his legs: he is so light! I serve it all against me: I love its great sweetness! As soon as I approach my nose with his realistic and reassuring face, I feel The delicate vanilla scent envelop me. This smell makes me feel better, even when my parents are far from me. Thanks to its small size (24 cm), my leprechaun softie slips everywhere; there's no way we're going to leave him! My elf and I are inseparable. Because even if I forget some part, they will give it back to me: it has a label to write my first name or my parents' phone number. My sweetheat Corolle: you and me, forever.

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