Duelosaur Island

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- Game in French.

- Number of players: 2 players

- Duration: 30 - 45 min

- Suggested age: 10


Duelosaur Island is built around an intelligent hand management mechanism.

Each card in the game serves three potential goals. They contain the DINOSAUR DNA sequences you could create, the plans of the attractions you can create and some actions you can take by throwing them away. Do you create the dinosaur at the top of the map to attract guests to your park? Or do you create the attraction at the bottom of the card, which can increase the player's hand limit, income and victory points at the end of the game? Or do you throw the map to combine DNA to create another dinosaur?

Duelosaur Island comes with five new "DNA dice" in color. You can mix and match the dice between Dinosaur Island and Duelosaur Island for even more variability in both games, like the new safety symbol that can appear on the dice to improve your security level instantly!

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