Douglas - Connie the Calicot Cat

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Connie the stuffed animal Calico Cat soft offers more than just a nice look! She's smart and cuddly too! Connie was crafted from luxurious plush materials that feature a realistic tricolor Calico pattern. The quality polyester padding has been selected for its silky feel and ability to bounce after each set of hugs. Connie's flexible body design and legged legs allow you to place her intelligently sitting or lying lazily for a nap. Expressive and golden eyes give Connie an accomplice expression. What does it provide? Maybe a day to jump on unsuspecting family members or maybe seduce someone to give them a bite of their tuna sandwich! Make friends with Connie the stuffed Calico kitten and she will let you into all her games!

Additional information:

Age 24 months and older

SIZE (PO) 9 inches tall

SIZE (CM) 23 cm tall


SKU: 4397

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